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Story over Everything

“Story over everything”

Film Discreetly

Edward films in a manner that allows him to stay hidden for much of the day, composing a shot and recording it without the subject noticing. This allows him to capture REAL moments with REAL people.

Shoot Creatively

Without bringing a truckload of distracting equipment, Edward is instead able to focus on capturing your day creatively. He pursues beautiful composition as well as wonderful use of the natural light.

Crafting a STORY with CHARACTER

Each wedding film has Edward's personal touch. Getting to know the couple and their vision for their wedding, he is able to craft a video that mirrors the couple and their personal story.


Who is Edward Atwell

With an eye for creating moving, cinematic films, Edward is considered one of the best cinematographers in North Carolina. He is obsessed with capturing the raw emotion of your wedding day in a way that allows you to experience the anticipation, feelings, and excitement over and over again. Edward believes that while a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video is worth 14,400,000 words (approximately of course).

The Ideal Client

The ideal client for Edward Atwell Films is one who is not afraid to have fun. Edward is adventurous and always looking to make each wedding video a unique experience for the couple and their family. Whether it be zip lining in the mountains in your wedding dress, the bridal party going for a “Formal” swim, unique venue/locations, or human foosball (yes this is real), Edward always wants his couples to relax, have fun, and enjoy the wedding celebration.

Bucket List?

If you want anything listed below, PLEASE contact me so we can make amazing things happen.

  1. A wedding video in the style of “The Office” - bonus points if we can recreate the ceremony!

  2. A multi day elopement in multiple locations. Camping anyone?

  3. I’m all in for crazy unique ideas. And yachts.

Recent Work


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Edward Atwell Films is partnering with Chaz Reid Films on a new podcast titled “Story over Everything” geared toward helping beginners in the wedding videography industry, those looking to break into the industry, as well as some fresh perspective for seasoned veterans. Listen here!

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